Early Intervention Continuing Education in New York

Training requirements must be completed before December 31 of each year. Based on NYC EIP rules and regulations, interventionists who do not meet annual training requirements by the end of the year may lose their ability to continue serving EI cases. Early intervention free of charge trainings are now being offered by NYS DOH in conjunction with EI Learning Network (Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center). For schedule and registration information, please visit the NYSDOH website: http://www.health.ny.gov/community/infants_children/early_intervention/training.htm

or EI Learning Network (Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center) website:

The training calendar running from Jan-March 2014 is up on their website. Please visit their website for the calendar and you can register for the trainings there as well. The website is: https://www.eilearningnetwork.com/index.php/?category_name=events

A variety of online trainings offered by Early Intervention Therapist & Teacher Online College (Fees apply) that you may take at your own pace. Website:

Early Intervention program in New York

Early Intervention program is assisting families and children to improve child’s health and functional performance related to variable disabilities or delays. It was recently reviewed and some changes were implemented to make it more efficient and reduce cost of it for New York State and New York City.

Early Childhood and Developmental Milestones

This post is created for parents mostly to review and approximately estimate developmental skills of your children from birth to first 40 months. You may look at the link provided below to identify if your child’s skills listed in the summery are appropriate for his/her calendar age. If you notice any abnormalities, difficulties in motor function, behavior, please talk to your pediatrician without delays and get referral for Early Intervention evaluations (if necessary). Remember, if your child was born prematurely, you will have to make an adjustment of age by number of months the child was born earlier.

Snapshots will be posted to explain step-by-step how to use this calculator and table.
developmental milestones (infants and toddlers)